Clare Roots Society is seeking assistance with their current project of ‘My People, My Place & My Heritage.’


The programme consists of the collecting of information about your Street or area with regard to Genealogy and the History or memories associated with the area.


To date the association has been involved and published booklets with regard to O’Connell Street & Steel’s Terrace, Ennis.


O’ Connell Street:;view=article&id=12541:hidden-gems-of-oconnell-street-in-new-book&catid=55:ennis&Itemid=56


Steel’s Terrace;view=article&id=9476:100-years-of-steeles-terrace-captured-in-print&catid=73:feature&Itemid=55


We have currently members working on St. Columba’s Church, Abbey Street, Parnell Street, Cusack Road, St. Flannan’s Terrace, Summerhill, and Corrovorrin.


As part of the research with regard to Abbey Street (previously know as Church Street), Parnell Street (previously know as High Street / Mill Street) we require copies of the colored cancellation Books for these areas. To this end we are seeking for some one to copy the pages from these books in the Valuation Office. The cost of the photo’s copies will be paid for by Clare Roots Society / Clare County Library. On completion of review by the researcher they will be deposited with the local library network. In the book the appropriate acknowledgement will be given to those who participate in the copying.


Abbey Street has approximately 50 units while Parnell Street would have approximately 100. The page quantities would be greater than this number due to the various changes of ownership of the premises.