In addition to local members, the Clare Roots Society has cyber-members who live overseas but participate very actively in County Clare genealogy projects and related Society activities (e.g. the mortuary card transcription project). Many of these members of the Clare Diaspora are organised formally or informally in very active local groups which, in turn, run their own Clare-oriented genealogy projects with their own mailing lists and newsletters.

The Diaspora Transcription Groups

It started as a simple idea, to recruit a few volunteers to help out with transcribing some parish records, namely Baptisms and Marriages. However, the enthusiasm for helping bring previously inaccessible records online, was vastly underestimated. Larry Brennan put the call out, expecting to gather around 10 or so people…before he knew it, he had around 30 and it has been growing ever since. The numbers were such that more help was needed in organising and collating… Chris Goopy (Australia) was asked to act as the group organiser, then there were more. In stepped Kate Welch (USA) and the diaspora groups were well and truly up and running.
"More, please, send us more…" became the catch cry, as the ever growing groups of volunteers worked their way through a number of parishes… the work load grows, matched only by the enthusiasm. Neither group is restricted to their particular country of origin, in fact we have become two large groups assisting each other, swapping groups as and when we need help in various projects. All transcriptions are done within provided templates, so we can make it as easy as possible.

We are always happy to accept more volunteers. If you would like to be part of the transcription groups, or just want to know more about what we do, please contact either Chris or Kate at the addresses below.

  • Chris Goopy Australian Coordinator < >
  • Kate Welch USA Coordinator <>

See the Clare Genealogy News section of this website (see menu on the left) for the latest edition of the Diaspora newsletter.


The Swiss Diaspora Chapter

This is a group of one which meets daily to try to keep in touch with itself. It transcribes parish records and nuggets of local history and, when in the County, gravestones and school records.

British Prime Minister is from County Clare

In the Virgin TV 5.30 news on 27-Jul-2019 leading Clare genealogist Declan Barron reports his discovery that fellow genealogist Richard Carruthers Zurowski has traced the roots of the British prime minister Boris Johnson to the family of a prominent Clare politician of the 19th century. See the video clip at VirginTV News 27-Jul-2019